Press release: T-brand launches Bio Beet Sugar

26 June 2018

The Bio Beet Sugar of the "T-brand" [Tiense Suiker (NL), Sucres de Tirlemont (FR)] is a unique product in Belgium and emphasizes the set of values that Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has been sharing with its stakeholders for over 180 years; bringing innovation with taste and with attention to people and their environment, without ever forgetting its heritage. 

Sucre Betteraves Bio 500G

These values allowed Raffinerie Tirlemontoise to continue making quality products that are both sustainable and innovative. Accordingly, the Bio Beet Sugar doesn’t only make for a green product, its delicate taste is perfect to sweeten hot beverages, to cook, bake and add flavour to numerous dishes.

Claiming a space in the organic market

There has been a continuous effort to pair up sustainability with innovation in an economic framework where organic agricultural produce is more and more in demand by clients, consumers and farmers. Sugar, with an organic alternative, are part of this evolution. Comparatively, the surface of organic agricultural land at our disposal is continuously growing. All these circumstances combined gave us the green light to start and develop our own ‘bio range’ in the organic market. The Bio Beet Sugar is currently produced in Germany, obviously to keep an eye on quality standards but also to limit its carbon footprint.

Organic sugar beets in Belgium?

That’s a work in progress. Hard work, needed and put in by engaged experts, researchers, beet growers and partners. Consequently, 2018 marks the year where different field tests are being carried out. Sister companies within the Südzucker group provide a great deal of valuable know-how and input, which certainly isn’t lacking in Belgium. The challenge consists rather of the adaptation of organic sugar beet farming to the realities of Belgian agriculture. Even so, the first agreements involving Belgian organic sugar beets are expected to be on the table in 2019; the beginning of an exciting adventure.

Positive developments for sugar by-products in a zero waste process

We’re trying to maintain a zero waste policy in our production process, meaning that we’re valorising numerous products arising from the processing of sugar beets while implementing several sustainable practices. This results in a closed cycle that doesn’t end with the finished product. Beet pulp, sliced and mashed sugar beet parts, find their way back to agriculture as an excellent and nutritious animal feed. This, in turn, brings forth interesting developments for the organic meat industry, wherein organic sugar beets assume the role of a primary source. In sum, the launch of the Bio Beet Sugar makes up for an interesting and exciting project of Raffinerie Tirlemontoise together with the Südzucker group.