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Products of Raffinerie Tirlemontoise

Our retail products

Producing specific and qualitative products in a consumer friendly packaging is one our our day-to-day goals, since 1836.   

A lot of our products are Belgian specialties! Did you e.i. already had a Hard sugar Cube with your coffee in Spain? Our pearl sugar, the ingredient of the famous waffles from Liège, is also typical Belgian! We are very proud of this. We are proud of our unique Belgian sugar specialties that you can find within our two brands: Sucres de Tirlemont and Candico.   

Tirlemont Sugar falls into four separate categories:

  • Sweetener for hot drinks;
  • for the preparation of desserts;
  • for home-made jam;
  • as caster sugar.

For more information please visit www.sucresdetirlemont.com or our Facebook page.

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The factory in Merksem, where our Candico range of products are produced, has always had an important role in the history of sugar production.   

Today, Candico is known for its products that you put in two categories:    

  • products based on cane sugar: cubes, cane sugar in a handy tetra pack... This sugar is bio sugar or Fair Trade certified. 
  • Candy sugar specialties: cane sugar, sugar candy, candy syrup,... Interested in having more information about these sweet products? Don't hesitate and visit www.candico.be. You will find the complete product range but also inspiration for sweet recipes! 

Our industrial products

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise not only produces sugar products for retail but also for industry. 90% of what we produce goes to these customers. We sell sugar in bulk, but also tailor made sugar. Interested in which industrial sugars we produce and how we can help you? Then please visit our website http://industry.raffinerietirlemontoise.com for industrial sugars.