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Onze Tiense Suiker producten

Our consumer products

Introducing specific and high-quality products is one of our daily objectives since 1836.

Many of our products are Belgian specialties! The Hard Cube or Pearl Sugar, the essential ingredient for our famous Liège waffles, are inventions from our own country! Something we are very proud of... We take pride in our unique Belgian sugar specialties, which consumers can find under our two brands: Tiense Suiker/Sucres de Tirlemont and Candico.

Our Tiense Suiker/Sucres de Tirlemont range can be divided into four different categories:

  • To sweeten hot drinks (e.g., our Hard Cube)
  • For preparing desserts (e.g., our Fine Beet Sugar, our Pearl Sugar)
  • For homemade jam (e.g., our various geleisuikers)
  • For sprinkling (e.g., our powdered sugar, our Cassonade Graeffe)

Want to know more about these sugars? Looking for fun recipes? Visit www.tiensesuiker.com or feel free to follow our Instagram or Facebook page to stay updated on the latest recipes! You can also find us on TikTok now.

HRES Tiense Suiker Productgamma Candico 2022 DEF56

The factory in Merksem (Antwerp), where Candico products are produced, has always played a significant role in the history of sugar production.

Today, Candico is primarily known for its two sugar categories:

  • Products based on cane sugar: sugar cubes, cane sugar in a convenient tetrapack,... This cane sugar is either organic or Fair Trade.
  • Candi specialties: candi sugar, candi brown sugar, candi syrup,...

Want to know more about these delicious products? Take a moment to visit www.candico.be. There, you'll not only discover the complete product range but also find plenty of inspiration to get creative with our specialties! Don't hesitate to check out our Instagram page.

Our industrial products

We offer a wide range of sugar products not only for consumers but also for the industry. Moreover, 90% of the sugar we produce is for these industrial clients. We sell in bulk but also provide customized sugar solutions