My mission? An even more sustainable agriculture!

Sylvie 2
Sylvie Decaigny, Sustainability Agro Manager

When did you start working for Tiense Suiker, and what position do you currently hold?

I began at Tiense Suiker in 1993, right after completing my bioengineering studies, initially as a seasonal worker. After participating in several campaigns, I officially started as an agronomist in 1996. Following a nearly 6-year stint at Biowanze, during which I contributed to the plant's launch, I became Agro Manager in 2012. For the past year, I've proudly held the position of Sustainability Agro Manager.

Could you describe your daily routine as a Sustainability Agro Manager?

In my role as a Sustainability Agro Manager, my main task is to guide the agronomic transition towards a more sustainable approach. I initiate projects and on-field demonstrations to bring sustainability to life for agronomists and farmers. Additionally, I regularly hold meetings with clients. The interest in our sustainable practices continues to grow, with clients seeking to understand how we collaborate with farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, consequently, their carbon footprint. We also focus on themes such as water and biodiversity.

Does Tiense Suiker have a significant impact on sustainability?

Absolutely. Tiense Suiker, as a major player in the sugar industry processing a substantial amount of raw materials, wields significant influence over Belgian agricultural land. This influence serves as a powerful lever to support the agricultural transition towards more sustainable practices. We also collaborate in this regard with institutions like the IRBAB (Institut Royal Belge de l’Amélioration de la Betterave). This institute, with a history of over 90 years, is dedicated to improving beet cultivation by promoting greater sustainability.