Our neighourhood

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has factories close to cities. That is a historical fact. Our sugar factories are only a walk away of the city centres. That is why we involve people in what is going on in our company. That is also why we work daily improving our sustainability and diminishing our ecological footprint. We are responsible entrepreneurs.

Rt Ts Visit Tienen 02
Neighbours visiting our sugar factory in Tirlemont

Regularly, Raffinerie Tirlemontoise organizes a neighbourhood day in her factories. The aim? Listening to the neighbours on one side, whilst on the other side, showing them investments and projects of the last year(s). Every year, approximatively 250 neighbours visit that day our sugar factory in Tienen. They have the possibility to ask questions and have a guided tour through the factory.

Together with the residents of the township Eghezée, where you can find our Râperie de Longchamps, we started a neighbourhood committee to maintain and improve our good relationship. Our neighbours know which projects are on their way and we know what lives within the community.

Visit our factory

Visit us and discover the wonderful sweet world of sugar.

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Beehives contribute to a higher biodiversity

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has set in Longchamps two big beehives up.

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A transport charter to ensure a safe beet campaign

Since 2011 100% of the beet transport to the Tienen and Longchamps factories has been in accordance with the transport charter.

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