Tiense Suiker captivated by Suikerrock

5 August 2023

For the second year in a row, the sweetest festival of the year takes over the "Beet Square" on August 4th, 5th, and 6th. What's new this year? The playful connections to the well-known sugar brand!

Extra links to our sugar

Suikerrock enchants its visitors this weekend on the expansive beet square of the Tiense Suikerraffinaderij, where festival-goers have a unique view of the impressive factory. After three decades on the Grote Markt, Suikerrock and Tiense Suiker have been inseparably connected since last year.

However, in 2023, there are additional playful references to Tiense Suiker on the festival grounds. One of the two new stages, for example, is named "The Cube," after the famous sugar cube. This is where festival-goers should be for electronic acts and lively afterparties following the headliners on the main stage. Next to this outdoor stage, a disco ball-sugar cube is shining, capable of holding one million real sugar cubes.

For the past few months, the new Fine Sugar packaging has been on the store shelves, and Tiense Suiker didn't want this to go unnoticed, even at Suikerrock. Visitors won't miss it: in the middle of the festival grounds stands an 8-meter-high model of the package. The new packaging prominently features the sugar beet, the pulsating heart of the company.

A Dreamed Marriage

Tiense Suiker is particularly proud to be part of the ever-growing festival. Jan Ingels, Director of the Sugar Factories, says, "We, at Tiense Suiker, are strongly committed to Tienen and its surroundings. We not only provide employment but also strive to make Hageland a sustainable, prosperous, and dynamic region. Suikerrock fits perfectly into the picture: a dreamed marriage between the flagships of Tienen!"

Tiense Suiker expresses gratitude for the flawless and professional organization of Suikerrock, ensuring that festival-goers will undoubtedly experience unforgettable moments."