Press release: Raffinerie Tirlemontoise proposes a new brand targeting the Maghreb-Arab community

3 May 2018

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise is well-known in the sugar market for its two leading brands: the “T-brand” (“Tiense Suiker” (NL) or “Sucres de Tirlemont” (FR)) and the Candico brand, as well as a range of other popular products such as brown sugar, Harde Klontjes® [Hard Cubes] or candy sugar.

Lingo Shukr Belgium
Shukr Lingo

Innovation and durabilityThese are the driving forces of the company. At the same time, we also take the changing needs of our consumers into account. This is why the Raffinerie Tirlemontoise is launching a new range of products under the brand “Shukr”. This range specifically targets the Maghreb-Arab community

After all, “Shukr” means “gratitude”or “recognition” in Arabic. Sugar also plays an important role in the Islamic cultural tradition: for example, while enjoying a daily cup of tea, during important occasions such as a wedding or birthday party, as well as during all kinds of joyful occasions when the table is richly filled with delicacies. Shukr wants to make such these traditional moments even more intense

The first product of the Shukr brand is the “Lingo”: a large sugar stick made of four sugar lumps that is perfect for being used in the traditional recipe of mint tea. It's practical size and the fact that it can be divided into 4 pieces means you can put in as much or as little as you like. The sugar dissolves steadily but surely so the tea is perfectly sweetened.

You can watch an introduction movie about Shukr Lingo hereunder.