“Kindjessuiker” child has gone missing

21 March 2018

Child Focus - Press release, Brussels, 21 March 2018

Child Focus is nearly 20 years old and is launching a campaign to be shown on iconic sugar packaging to bring attention to missing children.

Childfocus Cassonade 03
Special packaging Cassonade Graeffe for 20y anniversary Child Focus

There are many who have enjoyed a slice of bread or a pancake accompanied by the light brown “Cassonade Graeffe” sugar from the Raffinerie Tirlemontoise (known in Dutch as Tiense Suikerraffinaderij). And there has been a picture of a child on all the packaging for 65 years. This is why many call it “kindjessuiker” or “kinnekessuiker” [children's sugar]. But, a few days ago, the child disappeared from the packaging. 

Launch video with the boy who went missing himself

The childless sugar packages are being launched on social media today, and they are accompanied by a remarkable video. A young man and his mother are sitting at the breakfast table. It looks like a commercial. Suddenly, everything becomes clear: the young man went missing himself once. 

It's a true story: At the end of September 2016, Edouard was completely confused, had dark thoughts, even flirted with death for a while before running away from home. His disappearance was considered very worrisome. Child Focus carried out a search with the police, and offered support to the boy's family. Fortunately, the disappearance lasted only a few days. Now things are going well for him and he is glad he is able to contribute to the campaign: “I am incredibly grateful to the people at Child Focus. Their help has made me stronger as a person; so I think it's fantastic I can do something for them now.” 

Child Focus 20 years

Unfortunately, the fact that someone like Edouard goes missing is not a rarity. Dirk Depover, Child Focus spokesperson confirms: “During the 20 years Child Focus has existed, we have been involved with over 20,000 cases of missing children or young people. It is a real-life drama for the loved ones of each and every child involved. We offer intensive support, good advice and keep them informed about the investigation's progress. Every case is unique, but we always work together with the police, the judiciary and other welfare organisations. In many hundreds of cases, a public call for witnesses is also necessary. Over the past few years, social media has been used more frequently, and it works. This is why the launch video is calling for tracking messages to be shared on Facebook.” 

Collaboration with the Raffinerie Tirlemontoise

For a longer period of time, the sugar packages themselves are going to be a communication channel with a reach of 250,000 households throughout the country. The packages contain a request to share tracking messages, as well as the 24/7 emergency number: 116000. Because you never know if you may need it in a hurry. Thanks to the efforts of many people in 2018, most of these harrowing stories of the disappearance of a child or young person have a happy ending. Hence the slogan, “Together we can find them”. 


Child Focus sincerely thanks the management and employees of the Raffinerie Tirlemontoise for their kind cooperation. The campaign was conceived and developed pro bono by the Wunderman communication agency (formerly These Days). Director Jan Boon and production house Static Film created the video with financial support from the Tienen Sugar Refinery and Wunderman. And last but not least, we thank Edouard, who supported us as an experience expert to make the prevention assignment of Child Focus a reality. Finally, thanks to his mother Christine, who was also in the film. 

Contact details

Child Focus spokespersons: Dirk Depover (+32 476 959504) and Maryse Rolland (+32 479 303021). Raffinerie Tirlemontoise spokeswoman: Isabelle Roelandts (+32 486 775526) The video content can be downloaded here: https://eshare.yr.com/fl/W3gGGPyxxy#folder-link/ About experience expert Edouard: https://www.linkedin.com/in/%C3%A9douard-blampain-61b1b5ba/http://www.sucresdetirlemont.b... http://www.sucresdetirlemont.b...