Press release: FASFC withdraws production license of Raffinerie Tirlemontoise’s Wanze site

3 September 2018

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has been notified, as from today, by the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) that its production license for the Wanze site has been withdrawn for precautionary reasons. The sugar factory of Wanze only delivers sugar to other food production companies, meaning that consumer products do not fall under the scope.

Rt Ts Sucrerie De Wanze S2

After a complaint was issued by a customer, internal research has indeed found the presence of unusual elements in sugar destined for industrial use, which concern inert particles that got detached from one of our storage silos.

Food safety is a top priority at Raffinerie Tirlemontoise. As soon as the problem has been detected, several analyses have been carried out by the company itself, which showed that this issue does not jeopardize food safety and health factors of any kind.

The company has formally noted the decision of the FASFC to retract the production license and will take necessary measures in close collaboration with the agency to renew it.

Contact person: Isabelle Roelandts – Head of Marketing & Communications ; 0486/77.55.26 –