A short, intense yet good sugar beet campaign

sugar beet campaign This year’s sugar beet campaign, which ran during the period from September to December and during which the sugar beets are harvested and transported to the factories, was a short one. The first sugar beets reached our Tienen and Longchamps factories on 19 September. The last sugar beets were processed 92 days later, on 19 December.


If we look at the harvests, we can deduce the following: The yield in tonnes of beets per hectare was lower this year than in the previous campaign. But thanks to the sunny weather in August and especially in September and October, the sugar content was higher.


The lower yield can also be attributed to the climate conditions. The very wet spring delayed the sowing and the beets had a difficult start. Then there was practically no rainfall from the end of July to the beginning of October. This was good for the sugar content but because of this, the beets couldn’t grow sufficiently. The Aphanomyces mould also had a significant impact on the sugar beet growth.


Just as during the previous campaign, our factories did not have any critical incidents and thus operations continued! This only reinforces the fact that we are ready for the future, which will be bringing a few uncertainties with it due to the removal of the sugar quota.


sugar beet campaign